Grand cordone on Selling


SELL OR BE SOLD – Get your way in business and in life

Grand cardone


Selling thoughts:

We are selling dreams, we are merchant of happiness,

It is about listening first , then selling.

Great product sell themselves.

Everyone lives by selling something.

Sales is all about creating a meaningfull relationship, that can be the foundation of lasting business relationship.

Sell the problem you solve , not the product

Sell yourself first, if you want to sell anything.

Sooner or later ,we sell out for money.

Great design is the cheapest way of selling great  goods

Go against the tide, and sell a product that no one else is selling.

If you are not take care of your customer , your competitor will do.

Don’t be afraid of rejection in sales.

People don’t buy for logical reasons,  they buy for emotional reasons

Positive people produce , negative people consume.

When you feel like quiting, think about why you started.

You only fail when you stop trying.


Good luck and happy selling!


Susan Wojcicki on Opportunity


Rarely are opportunities presented to you in the perfect way, Good opportunities are messy, confusing , and hard to recognize, they are risky, they challenge you.

Susan Wojcicki – CEO of YouTube

The biggest obstacle for a person is getting an opportunity to prove himself, and then if he got the opportunity, then the next biggest task is “how , to handle / utilize the opportunity? ”

Here what the CEO of youtube saying is , we can’t classify good opportunities and bad opportunities , but one thing we can do to identify is good opportunities are always meant to be risky, and complex.

opportunities are always disguised as homework , so most of the don’t recognize them.

When an opportunity to knocks the door , don’t let your fear to hold you back, open the door and embrace it.

To succeed jump as quickly as possible at opportunities, when an opportunity come doesn’t think it as a problem, just think it is an option to make a change

Today is the opportunity to get better, so don’t waste the time. Take every opportunity that comes your way.

Richard Branson, saying that,

If someone offers you an opportunity and you’re not sure , about how to do it, just accept the opportunity, then learn how to do it in later

Opportunities are like sunrises, if you wait too long you’ll miss them.

Small opportunities are are often the beginning of the great success.

“Utilize your opportunities, and succeed”

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Tweeting in twitter

Here are 10 sensible alternatives to try:

1. consider the  Tweets of others

This is one of the easiest, most obvious things to do. One of the key reasons to follow other people is to listen to what they have to say. Their tweets may be informative, clever, funny, interesting or useful.

Retweeting the tweets not only gives you something to tweet about, but it’s a good way to help foster and build your Twitter relationships. Retweeting someone also gives them credit and shows that you value what they’ve said. You can even check your retweet value on Retweet Rank.

2. Tweet the breaking news

Twitter is now the best source for breaking news. You can follow and monitor major news sources and share breaking news as it happens. For that matter, you can also become the news if you see and tweet something newsworthy.

3. Be a Curator

Even outside breaking news, people find other people’s content just as informative .. and there’s an awful lot of content out there to sift through. Provide a valuable service to the Twitter community in your field or specialty area by acting as a filter or curator

Use relevant hashtags to help others find these tweets.

4. Be Responsive

Since Twitter is a public forum, it’s a nice place to express your appreciation. That may be for someone RT-ing you or sharing something about you or your company–but you may also want to recognize a special customer experience or even a face-to-face interaction.

5. Evaluations, Reviews & Opinions

Checking out the latest gadget, gizmo or app? Many a tweet revolves around evaluations of, flaws found in and fixes for such things.

6. Retweet your old tweet

Don’t be afraid to tweet great content more than once. People forget that with such a large Twitterverse and only so many hours in a day, some of your best content might go unseen.

Similarly, good content has staying power and its relevancy a few months or even years ago might be good to revisit today. Feel free to tweet content multiple times or tweet from the archives. J

7. Think  bigger

Are you a deep thinker? You might be surprised to find that people will follow you just to hear your own thoughts–and a handful of folks might even answer. (But get your grammar right.)

8. Entertain people

Your tweets do not need to be all business, all the time. Many tweets contain quotes, song lyrics, trivia, links to entertaining videos and photos or provocative commentary. Just make sure you decide in advance what is appropriate for your brand, and stick to that standard.

9. Tweeting like a  Connector

Great “tweeps” help facilitate connections through Twitter. You can do this by specifically introducing tweeps, sending out who-to-follow recommendations (like #FollowFriday), or even shouting out to your new followers.

10. Tweet your business

If you’re tweeting for business, here are just a few ideas to keep things interesting:

  • A new company blog post
  • Press announcements
  • Jobs available
  • Awards/recognition
  • Events you’re hosting and/or are attending
  • Special offers, sales or discounts

So you see, diversity in your tweeting just takes a little imagination. Once you get started, you might find all kinds of other things to tweet about.


This article is originally published in : INC

faraway – you can’t come back



Clouds may touch me sometimes,

Sometimes it hurts me when the wind touches me,

Sometimes  i am feeling like lightning stroke on my heart,

I know there will be break will come between us,

but I won’t stop carrying you,

I am burning on your thoughts,

but I won’t lose my temper,

no one touches my heart like you,

I buried my broken piece of my heart inside you,

I blabbering in lonely,

And I can write my sleepless nights into tearful quotes,

Scientist searches for souls in Mars ,

But they don’ know my soul lies on you,

People at heaven may hear my heart beat,

But why you close the  door of heart,

I can live for 100 years if you pronounce my name.

If someone asks me who are true loves, I can say it’s you and me,

Wherever you are live with peace, and live long.

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Social media marketing strategies

social media


Research on  your audience
In Every marketing process , there is an important step, that we have to do is finding our prospects, without prospects we can’t promote our products, but in this competitive world it is not easy to find your prospects, so we couldn’t jump on the river without measuring its depth, just like that we have to plan, about how to find our prospects, that is do research for prospects, for this we have to find where are the problems, and should go behind the problems, then we may easily filter out our prospects who are with problems,

it is not the end , that is we have to find the solution for the problems, that how we can solve their problems and make the profit on our products

Marketing is not the one way so we first we have to go to find problems, then come back analyze those problems, make a plan to solve those problems, this is called research on prospects

Use  social networks to find new  audience.

Social networks. social media are key tools to find new prospects, hence, the technology reaches the top , lot of people learn to use social media’s , so this is the root , there we can fetch our initial prospects,

by using the social networks, we can monitor the target audience, and can learn their problems, and interests based on the post they are posting , in any medias

Manage your marketing team

before going to approach your audience , we should align responsibilities for each and every person of your company, so that we can shortlist, diminish, and divide our burden into smart works

when we divide the work , each of us has to set a goal, within a scheduled time, so that we can achieve our goal in a proper manner and can achieve it quickly.

Develop a content that to be post 

Develop content , that should expose your products, and cover your prospects, with some dignity, reliability,and with logically,

The words of the content are called keywords, that keywords must represent the prospects problems, and also give trustworthy words to solve their problems.

The content should short as much as possible because the short content has more power to reach the large people within a short time

A content should be proper, and couldn’t expose lie words.

Expose your thoughts on current newsworthy  topics 

keep in touch with the current news, and topics, and explain your thoughts behalf your company regarding the social issues, that has been made .

if there is an issue that resembles the huge impact on society , then being calm will not get recognization among people, a marketing team , should always search for a recognization, and should always hungry for the hot situations, that should happen in future, and should have the ability to convert that situation for finding people, and attracting people in proper way.

With reference : pamorama

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Marketing problems

Marketing issues

High competition :
It is very hard to survive in a crowded marketplace. .But the best idea for this problem doesn’t start with expensive advertising and more exposure. Find which is your best part of your product and get a knowledge of how it is different from other products, Developing your competitive edge needs to become a priority and always compete with strong competitors , A common mistake is believing that your business can’t really be any different. Every small business can be different and even unique. Learn about your audience and how it is different from other

Poor results from advertising :
Poor results on marketing is a common problem that every organization facing . if the promotional material that you created is not reached to the level of estimation, it is because of the reason that you created something is appeals to you, rather than your target market. The truth is, there can be a vast difference between what you like and what your customers find appealing. Effective advertising is understanding the target audience, and their problem, and how you going to solve with your products.

No plan on Marketing: 
if you are doing a small business, the best way to start is to start with a simple plan. A simple plan will work . It will also make it easier for you to be consistent. The general common reason that people avoided creating plan is we don’t have time to create a plan.The time you spend planning your marketing will reduce the time you waste doing tasks which are not helping you achieve your marketing goals

Expecting immediate results:
Some marketing tactics take far longer than others to bring in results. Small businesses frequently use long term tactics without being aware they’re long term. They don’t see much in the way of early results and abandon their efforts. so whatever to make it simple , A good current example is social media; lot of small businesses get a presence on facebook, . This is also happens with lot of small business blogs. It takes the time to build an audience and to build trust. Social medias are great tools but don’t expect immediate results.

Spending money on ads without knowing if they are working :
Some times we are doing the wrong calculation on our execution
for example, if you printing and publishing an advertisement in a small pamphlet and business ‘seems’ to pick up over the same period. then You decide the advertisement is a success and keep running it with large quantity. but in real the actual, the pickup May be coming from some other factor and your continued investment in useless promotion .if you change any modification in the advertisement the business slows down again and you’re not sure why. To avoid this , define what a good return before and then after advertising your business. Then track the results cane from your advertising.


Reference taken from :Resultseasy

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Important steps on mobile advertising


1 .Simplified Design and Text

Consumers or readers always looking for short and sweet content , sometimes the brief explanation will not work out, and specially in mobile marketing, it doesn’t worth at all. it may distract the reader, When speaking of mobile, simplicity is the best approach in both graphic design and text. And do not exaggerate what are you are trying to say, be honest on what you are describing, and concentrate on wording fonts of the content.

2. Responsive Design

The Development in Internet connectivity results to the corresponding increment in cross-screen browsing on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. which means your advertising must responsive to the variety of mobile device with narrows screen, and should support to the UI of the devices

3. Advertise with mobile Applications

now a days there billion of users who are having smartphones, and there billion of applications that are regularly in use of smartphone, so that is the better way to reach the huge number of people, so if you want to advertise choose a mobile an app which is popular , and try to do mobile app advertisement

4. Social Media interconnectivity

Mobile device are supporting the web, and also have the capability to connect with social medias with the inbuilt or downloaded social media applications, so lot of people using facebook , twitter , Instagram , LinkedIn and etc in their smartphones, instead of surfing through browser , so it is a chance for gathering lot collection of people in social medias , try to connect with social media, and do advertising on mobile applications that will provide better result on advertising

5. Targeting consumers or locating people to advertise

Plan before advertising where you want to display, and whom you want to see your advertisement. that is called targeting or locating people this is taking up the advertisement to a new level of achieving people’s drastically, based on the needs and interest ,and the web search we can point a group of people who should eligible to see the advertisement, an advertisement couldn’t be a promotional, that should give the promise to the viewers that they are problems can solve by reading and experimenting the advertisement

All in all, to guarantee maximum impact and effectiveness, mobile ads must be short, helpful, engaging, and both topically and geographically relevant.

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