If I have not Return to Earth ..

Once upon a time, it was a bedtime story,

As the topic said that I stuck in Mars, and I have no way to return to the earth.
Let’s think
If there is a way to go mars .. sure there may be a way to return to the earth.
So I will struggle with all my soul, and I search for something which tells that I am alive in mars..

let’s look close at the topic again

it says that I am on a mission, going to mars for a mission, is not an ordinary thing, only Genius can do that.
it indirectly means that I should be a scientist or a genius..

If I were a genius .. then Why should my mind is to be lazy?

My mind will think over again and again.. for my way to earth.
Finally, if I couldn’t able to return I will be proud. Because I have founded a number of wrong ways to return earth.

So In future which may help to others who are willing to reach mars,

If they couldn’t able to find the way to return to the earth as like me, then
they shouldn’t choose the ways which I have tried, and they shouldn’t make the mistakes again which I have handled.

So the people will found a new idea, way or path to return,

Failures filter all the wrong choices and establish the best choices.
Failures are key to success.

If I return to earth again, it should be a normal, and the least profit which I am getting is “I am just alive” on earth.
But if I died after lots of tries, it will be a history
“If I failed then someone will make the success.”

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The Great scientist – Galileo(short script)


A short story of galileo,

we have forgotten the great scientist called galileo.

Today, I have studied about him, and i like to share something about him.

He is one of the Best ever Italian scientist, Astronomer, he was born in Pisa on 1564

Studied at Pisa’s university, due to the financial situation of his family he dropped his studies.

But the time made a magic, that is he joined as lecturer in the same university where he dropped his studies.

He always stuck for testing of everything,

and he always tested the proofs of Aristotle and proved as they were wrong.

He didn’t like theoretical statements he always expects proof for everything

Even though he is a scientist, he is also a strong devotee of god,

But he stood against some of the religion rules.

He said that everything is working on beyond of science, not by god,

so all the religion associations made a case against him in the court.

but he didn’t hate his religion or god, but he stood against for the people who opposing to the scientist,

Though he may not alive, But still  his proofs are being taken by scientists.



Social Media..

Nowadays technology got so much of improvement, We are all living in an alien room, We have a door in our home, But lot’s of people forgot to open the door, stuck in our room.

And they are not able to talk with their neighbours,but we are talking to someone whom we never met before, and forgetting our parents, children and everything ..  we fall into that.

But it’s giving us a lot of information to us, even though if we forgot to go out of our home. But  we are accidently falling in love with social media’s, Every morning we woke up on its face.. and every  night we say goodnight to it.

I ‘m Sure social media is treated like as our pets. Yeah . Love it.. Live it.. but .. carefully handle it .. or else it will bite us like our pets.Now.. As I said .. how many of you living in your alien room of your home?.

Feel Your soul always Relaxed

People always search for relaxation, but they did not understand there is a peace inside every one ..

People always compalints that they have no places to cry,
But they didn’t understand that they have a place.. inside their heart..Find your heart as a tool that makes you feel better.

Don’t make it is as a dustbin of sorrows…
Humans are mean to be a kindfull..

Make yourself kind as to Everyone..All Are humans no one is bad no one is good ., but the matter what we have to understand is be as like as you are…

Life Is All About Choice

steve jobs

yes there is lot of opportunity .. but the problem is when you could n’t able to make a choice

Think About When You Could Make a Satisfactional  Choice of yours..?


did you get?..

yes , we make our choice only at the “dead end” …time.

lets think if you have everything.. then making your choice is much easier for You.. Since , you know what you have , and What you Don’t have..

So You  Will Make your choice on “What You Dont’t have”..And  it may become a much Simpler choice..

Even that choice become wrong in future  you”ll not get feel.. you’ll convince your self.. Since you Have Everything What you Need..


Remember that if you Don’t have anything for your life,You already lossed every thing,   and you are going to die soon..

And You Need To Make a Choice For One Day …


yes your Choice will much bigger…

That’s What Steve Jobs Says..

“Remembering that i will be dead soon is the most important tool i have ever encountered to help me make the big choice in my life”

“Remembering that i will be dead soon” is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that i  have some thing to lose.. you are already naked.. just ,make big choices..

Nothing to Lose.. but Lot To Create..
Never Again

The Growth Of Telecommunication

The Growth Of Telecommunication

We Can’t Determine The Exact time in which the Communication has started.

But some research says the communication has started before we learn to speak and write.

So they used Cave drawings  to communicate, it will fall in the stages of  15,000  to 10,000 B.C

At that time humans were live their life as same as like other animals.. since they follow only Eating, Sleeping, Sex, And Hunting.

Then They Started to Pronounce the Sounds, Like Aa,, oooo,, eeee.. for every single actions.

At the Stage 2500 A.c

Egyptians begins to  follow the writing system called as hieroglyph .Which consist of pictures.

And then people started to use some instrument which produces sound .

For example,

A King Chieftain who ruled panchalankurichi  of Tamil nadu (state of India) has followed sound communication for devotional purpose..

He used to  start his devotional prayer on everyday only after hearing the sound from the bell of  Trichendur Murugan temple which is far away from Panchanlankurichi.

Then People start letter transaction, at the earlier letter transactions are only done with Piece of cloth, leaf, and woods.

Then people started their communication by sending piece of letters through pigeons.

Then Letter transaction were  happened in piece of paper.

After that printing service started, and then

Telecommunication were get transformed in to some other mediums, Called, Telegrams, pagers, telephones.

And then Telecommunication get transformed in to some other medium called Radios, and Televisions,

After and after lot of improvements, it get changed  in to Mobiles, Smartphones, and etc..

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The Horror Night – Late night Empty Road


After  I Reached Home,

I was  very hungry  ,

My   mom were went to see her sister  who is in Boston , she is single , and Suffering By Bone Tb.   My mom went to take care of her, she called me at the evening and told that she will  return on next Saturday.

Still that i have to prepare my dinner on every day..  i am a girl.  working in a organization ,which is in sanfransisco.

it is not a problem for me to sleep lonely..

But my great problem is , how could i prepare my dinner..  i m not in the mood of cooking .. because i am very hungry..

So I just Went out of my home.. to bring my food.

it is very late night.. there is no transportation between our living area to the city of the central after 8 Pm.

and now 10.43 i just decide to take of my cycle .. and ride it on the empty roads..

i usually walk on the roads with my mom at late nights,.. but  i never felt that it was horrible.

but , that night it was really really horrible .. but i cant get that why it was be that..

but some how .. after that i ride my cycle faster and faster.

but that night ..i was unlucky, because the chain in my cycle, were accidentally get cut-off.

i just feared.. what to do now .. for few minutes i can’t get what i was…

Then i cool myself . and i started to  walk with my cycle.. on the left side of mine i cant able to see anything .. i can feel that there is nothing … but i felt that i was surrounded by darkness, yes it was a power cut.. since there was a huge  cyclone has formed near san fransisco..

time after time i was started to little bit cry , since i was walked so far away from my home..  even if i decide to return it will take an hour to reach.. but if i walked an half hour i will reach a restaurant. near there..

but thinking of that half an hour is making me to feel bad.. and making me much more stress.

but i  prepared my heart to walk on the road.. again i started to walk on the road.

after some time.. i heard an horn sound.. behind me.. i just turned . there was a car which is likely 20 feet’s far behind me.. it ‘s look like that some one is drive the car with big hat , and wearing  dark coat.. but i can’t able to see his face..

i just move a little bit on my left,  suddenly the light beam was turned off..

after that again the darkness has surrounded me.. but i heard that someone is opening the door and getting out from the car. i just fear, i sit on a stone near the side of the road, and i hide myself with my cycle..

He come in front of me .. I saw only his foots.. It was a very big boots he were wore.. He put his hand on my forehead, and slowly up my head by holding my chins..,

and now i opens my eyes.. With lot of fear..

Oh My God!

Its Martin, ya its Martin , he is my brother , i feel surprise and i excited.. he just smiled to me.

i feel that i was very very safe , when he met me.

he scold me .. ” hey,  Linta , you , stupid,  why you went out lonely, don’t you know that i will come to  home, didn’t mom told to you that?”

then only i realized that mom said that on phone call that he would come late at night to home, “keep awaken until he reach home, and be safe together”

i realized my mistake, i apologize myself to him..

but he was so humble, he get me up .. and we walk together , on the road..

he were bring me two pizzas we eat together.. at the start the night was very horrible.. but after i meet my brother i was very cool night to us.. i was very happy .. we talk some time.. and went to sleep.. /

But some how still the road was very horrible to me.

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