LoneLiness Is Always My Favourite



It is Hard To Believe for the peoples who spending their time with someone,

But you all need to know that the one person, who never leave us in Any Situation

is Called “Lonely”.

There May be People Who Doesn’t have a friend,  but you can’t find that the  person who Doesn’t feel the Loneliness,

Some times  being lonely is better to plan and decide some time,

and it is also make us to feel better..

Best medicine for the person who got much irritated is nothing but “Being Lonely”

But sometime medicines become a poison,

yes if you overload the medicine it will effect your health.

like that if you overload yourself with loneliness ,  i’m sure that you will get drown in to the ocean of the Loneliness,

And it may effect you psychologically ..

your character may change into dangerous..

lets think if you are a humble person, but if you submerged into the loneliness then your character will definitely changed into ridiculously dangerous

Enjoy The Moon In Lonely at late night will be feel like cool.

but Enjoying the Sun in lonely at the noon time is feel like hot..

so that  take lonely, at needed time, that will boost up you further.

But Don’t make it to dump yourself.

Love Loneliness but don’t Believe it ..

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