The Path Of Life – Inspirational Thoughts

When Your Eyes Go’s on Wrong Direction Then Your Feet’s will be on Wrong Path..

Decide the way ,In Which you wanna go , Then

Start along the Roads Of Your Life..

Don’t Plan How To Start Your Life , Just plan How To Optimize the Way  You Going to Travel.

For A Big Achievement You Must Need To Invest your All Your Efforts and Big Work .

If You Think You can’t Able To do Something ,

Just Remember That Same thing  is Being  Done by A person , on  Some Corner of this World..

Don’t Blame This World , By Saying “it is not Recognized Me”

Just Blame Yourself, since You are not Establishing Yourself to the World..

We are here to prove that we are alive on this world to the person who living on some corner of the World..

There Is Nothing To Loss , But there Is lot To Create..

If You wanna Go high , follow What Your Mind says.. Don’t follow the Voice Of your heart..

Some times your Brain and Your Heart will become enemy to each other.. when you are planning to make a decision ..

The  To Guys Will Not attack Each Other , But They Will attack You by their Decision , and

Make your Decisions To Spoil..

To things will matter the successful life , one is time , another one is Decision..

When you lost the both .. Don’t be afraid..

there is A Big big big Positive power is standing Behind you ..

Wanna Know that , which is Call The Word “HOPE”.

A Hope is A key ,  it will sustain your soul and make you alive on the way your Travelling..

But there is an Evil,, which is  called as  Fear..

If You Belief your self as Mountain , sure you will Feel like A Mountain.

If Something  is Through you  on  Sky,, Fly Like a bird..

If Some thing is   buried you in  a land .. Grow like a Tree..

If Something Pull You to ocean.. Swim until Your Last Breath .

If Some thing Push You To the Fire . Fought For Your Life ., Until your Last Bone Gets Burn..

the matter you want to understand is ,

Whatever Happen Do not Give up..

At Last The Angels Which will Lead  You to the success are ,

Decision, Hope, and Do not Give up..

Finally think Positive, Think Good, See Good , Hear Good,

then sure you will become a sacred Soul..

Published To Alma Mater


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