The Growth Of Telecommunication

The Growth Of Telecommunication

We Can’t Determine The Exact time in which the Communication has started.

But some research says the communication has started before we learn to speak and write.

So they used Cave drawings  to communicate, it will fall in the stages of  15,000  to 10,000 B.C

At that time humans were live their life as same as like other animals.. since they follow only Eating, Sleeping, Sex, And Hunting.

Then They Started to Pronounce the Sounds, Like Aa,, oooo,, eeee.. for every single actions.

At the Stage 2500 A.c

Egyptians begins to  follow the writing system called as hieroglyph .Which consist of pictures.

And then people started to use some instrument which produces sound .

For example,

A King Chieftain who ruled panchalankurichi  of Tamil nadu (state of India) has followed sound communication for devotional purpose..

He used to  start his devotional prayer on everyday only after hearing the sound from the bell of  Trichendur Murugan temple which is far away from Panchanlankurichi.

Then People start letter transaction, at the earlier letter transactions are only done with Piece of cloth, leaf, and woods.

Then people started their communication by sending piece of letters through pigeons.

Then Letter transaction were  happened in piece of paper.

After that printing service started, and then

Telecommunication were get transformed in to some other mediums, Called, Telegrams, pagers, telephones.

And then Telecommunication get transformed in to some other medium called Radios, and Televisions,

After and after lot of improvements, it get changed  in to Mobiles, Smartphones, and etc..

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