The Horror Night – Late night Empty Road


After  I Reached Home,

I was  very hungry  ,

My   mom were went to see her sister  who is in Boston , she is single , and Suffering By Bone Tb.   My mom went to take care of her, she called me at the evening and told that she will  return on next Saturday.

Still that i have to prepare my dinner on every day..  i am a girl.  working in a organization ,which is in sanfransisco.

it is not a problem for me to sleep lonely..

But my great problem is , how could i prepare my dinner..  i m not in the mood of cooking .. because i am very hungry..

So I just Went out of my home.. to bring my food.

it is very late night.. there is no transportation between our living area to the city of the central after 8 Pm.

and now 10.43 i just decide to take of my cycle .. and ride it on the empty roads..

i usually walk on the roads with my mom at late nights,.. but  i never felt that it was horrible.

but , that night it was really really horrible .. but i cant get that why it was be that..

but some how .. after that i ride my cycle faster and faster.

but that night ..i was unlucky, because the chain in my cycle, were accidentally get cut-off.

i just feared.. what to do now .. for few minutes i can’t get what i was…

Then i cool myself . and i started to  walk with my cycle.. on the left side of mine i cant able to see anything .. i can feel that there is nothing … but i felt that i was surrounded by darkness, yes it was a power cut.. since there was a huge  cyclone has formed near san fransisco..

time after time i was started to little bit cry , since i was walked so far away from my home..  even if i decide to return it will take an hour to reach.. but if i walked an half hour i will reach a restaurant. near there..

but thinking of that half an hour is making me to feel bad.. and making me much more stress.

but i  prepared my heart to walk on the road.. again i started to walk on the road.

after some time.. i heard an horn sound.. behind me.. i just turned . there was a car which is likely 20 feet’s far behind me.. it ‘s look like that some one is drive the car with big hat , and wearing  dark coat.. but i can’t able to see his face..

i just move a little bit on my left,  suddenly the light beam was turned off..

after that again the darkness has surrounded me.. but i heard that someone is opening the door and getting out from the car. i just fear, i sit on a stone near the side of the road, and i hide myself with my cycle..

He come in front of me .. I saw only his foots.. It was a very big boots he were wore.. He put his hand on my forehead, and slowly up my head by holding my chins..,

and now i opens my eyes.. With lot of fear..

Oh My God!

Its Martin, ya its Martin , he is my brother , i feel surprise and i excited.. he just smiled to me.

i feel that i was very very safe , when he met me.

he scold me .. ” hey,  Linta , you , stupid,  why you went out lonely, don’t you know that i will come to  home, didn’t mom told to you that?”

then only i realized that mom said that on phone call that he would come late at night to home, “keep awaken until he reach home, and be safe together”

i realized my mistake, i apologize myself to him..

but he was so humble, he get me up .. and we walk together , on the road..

he were bring me two pizzas we eat together.. at the start the night was very horrible.. but after i meet my brother i was very cool night to us.. i was very happy .. we talk some time.. and went to sleep.. /

But some how still the road was very horrible to me.

Published To : Saturday Night


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