Life Is All About Choice

steve jobs

yes there is lot of opportunity .. but the problem is when you could n’t able to make a choice

Think About When You Could Make a Satisfactional  Choice of yours..?


did you get?..

yes , we make our choice only at the “dead end” …time.

lets think if you have everything.. then making your choice is much easier for You.. Since , you know what you have , and What you Don’t have..

So You  Will Make your choice on “What You Dont’t have”..And  it may become a much Simpler choice..

Even that choice become wrong in future  you”ll not get feel.. you’ll convince your self.. Since you Have Everything What you Need..


Remember that if you Don’t have anything for your life,You already lossed every thing,   and you are going to die soon..

And You Need To Make a Choice For One Day …


yes your Choice will much bigger…

That’s What Steve Jobs Says..

“Remembering that i will be dead soon is the most important tool i have ever encountered to help me make the big choice in my life”

“Remembering that i will be dead soon” is the best way to avoid the trap of thinking that i  have some thing to lose.. you are already naked.. just ,make big choices..

Nothing to Lose.. but Lot To Create..
Never Again


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