Social Media..

Nowadays technology got so much of improvement, We are all living in an alien room, We have a door in our home, But lot’s of people forgot to open the door, stuck in our room.

And they are not able to talk with their neighbours,but we are talking to someone whom we never met before, and forgetting our parents, children and everything ..  we fall into that.

But it’s giving us a lot of information to us, even though if we forgot to go out of our home. But  we are accidently falling in love with social media’s, Every morning we woke up on its face.. and every  night we say goodnight to it.

I ‘m Sure social media is treated like as our pets. Yeah . Love it.. Live it.. but .. carefully handle it .. or else it will bite us like our pets.Now.. As I said .. how many of you living in your alien room of your home?.


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