If I have not Return to Earth ..

Once upon a time, it was a bedtime story,

As the topic said that I stuck in Mars, and I have no way to return to the earth.
Let’s think
If there is a way to go mars .. sure there may be a way to return to the earth.
So I will struggle with all my soul, and I search for something which tells that I am alive in mars..

let’s look close at the topic again

it says that I am on a mission, going to mars for a mission, is not an ordinary thing, only Genius can do that.
it indirectly means that I should be a scientist or a genius..

If I were a genius .. then Why should my mind is to be lazy?

My mind will think over again and again.. for my way to earth.
Finally, if I couldn’t able to return I will be proud. Because I have founded a number of wrong ways to return earth.

So In future which may help to others who are willing to reach mars,

If they couldn’t able to find the way to return to the earth as like me, then
they shouldn’t choose the ways which I have tried, and they shouldn’t make the mistakes again which I have handled.

So the people will found a new idea, way or path to return,

Failures filter all the wrong choices and establish the best choices.
Failures are key to success.

If I return to earth again, it should be a normal, and the least profit which I am getting is “I am just alive” on earth.
But if I died after lots of tries, it will be a history
“If I failed then someone will make the success.”

published To : Longing for Gravity


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