The Great scientist – Galileo(short script)


A short story of galileo,

we have forgotten the great scientist called galileo.

Today, I have studied about him, and i like to share something about him.

He is one of the Best ever Italian scientist, Astronomer, he was born in Pisa on 1564

Studied at Pisa’s university, due to the financial situation of his family he dropped his studies.

But the time made a magic, that is he joined as lecturer in the same university where he dropped his studies.

He always stuck for testing of everything,

and he always tested the proofs of Aristotle and proved as they were wrong.

He didn’t like theoretical statements he always expects proof for everything

Even though he is a scientist, he is also a strong devotee of god,

But he stood against some of the religion rules.

He said that everything is working on beyond of science, not by god,

so all the religion associations made a case against him in the court.

but he didn’t hate his religion or god, but he stood against for the people who opposing to the scientist,

Though he may not alive, But still  his proofs are being taken by scientists.




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