The True Leader

Gandhi to Mahatma13(gandhi in young age)

Here I am proud to write about our national father Mahatma Mohandass karamchand gandhi.

After a long decade, after a lot of problems, India got its freedom with the leader ship of Gandhiji.

India got freedom on auugust 15, 1947, it is a great achievement of the whole indians.

Gandhiji is a good soul, and he always stands for ahimsa.

though he was aged he was very strong on his thoughts and ambitions.

after lots and lots of struggles, he made it. there are a lot of leaders came and went but,, Gandhiji never fails, he stood for India until he dies.

now he says a physocological information to all the people .. that is

Three monkey’s story,


the first one is blind, second one is deaf, and the third monkey is the dump.

gandhiji compared the humans heart with these monkeys.

Even if Gandhiji didn’t tell it, I will say,

because the human mind is not always in constant it changes periodically,

so now look at that, how clear Gandhiji was compared the human heart to the monkeys,

he said that if you want to live as sacred heart, then you must avoid seeing the bad, and you must avoid hearing the bad, and you must not talk the bad words.

it is a psychological one, think about it, if you won’t see bad things, hear bad words, speak bad words, then your mind will always be in a pure place,

your mind will think good things, then you will achieve great things, and you will become a great person in this world.

and finally, what he says is

“Without action, you are not going to anywhere”,

“And Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever”.


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