Father – The family man


We all have sentimental relationships in this world.

But a special relationship which we always refuse to recognize is care of our father.

Yes because the human mind always gives important to the caring of a mother.

Even The part of a mother is something very important to everyone life.. but in the same the part of a father is also very important.

why this is.
because while we are child we cared under mother’s love. always watched our mother’s sufferings, feelings, pains, crying, and happiness of her.

But the time we spend with our father is always very less so that we weren’t able to understand his pains, sufferings, sacrifices, and lots and lot of caring to the family.

The time we spend with our father is very less than the time we spend with our mother.

There are two kinds of children.

one kind is who are always arguing with their father.

and another one is who were never talked with their father.

These activities may seem to be very normal in some cases, but the pain we were given to our hero was much hard.

We never understand those pains, until we get into a family life.

no matter how bad a father is, how harder he talking with us, how stronger he beat us, how harder he scold us, but the actions he took to us will always lead to fantastic life.

Understand your father, then you will understand the life.

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