Diana on Meeting the troubles

Life Is mostly Froth and BubbleBut Two Things stand like stone,Kindness in another's troubleand courage in your own.

Life Is Mostly Froth and Bubble , But Two Thing stand like stone, Kindness in another’s trouble and courage in your own. – Princess Diana

Princess Diana trying to say is, the troubles that the every human faced in their life.
We the humans always busy with our own problems, we didn’t have such time to concentrate on others problems.

naturally we didn’t react to someone’s troubles.

But if we give importance to others, you will definitely provide your kindness to their troubles.

so at first try to respect the people, and finally sure you’ll give your kindness to their troubles.

And the second problem is courage in our own problems, yes sometimes we give lot of advice , and encouragement to others if it is others,

But if the problem is ours then we will loose your hope to face the success.

Kindness in another’s trouble, and courage on your own

These are the stones which are the great obstacle to our success. try to throw away the stones. and sure your will succeed, in future.


Post inspired by: Drop


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