Don’t Envy- Be Happy with what you have




People will talk about you, when they envy you and the life you lead, let them. you affected their life, Don’t let them affect yours

Do not hate the people who are jealous on you, they are jealous because they think you are better then them,

Envy on someone makes nothing , but the one thing you should understand is, you are unique, you are different from others

Envy is like a bacteria, which eats your happiness.

Envy on someone will make you forget , that how they involve themselves to reach the success.

If you give a lot of importance to blow out someone success, then keep it in mind, that will not lead to reaching your own success.

Envy is born in the people, when they didn’t believe on their own.

Few people can support your success, without envy.

If people throw stones to your success, don’t worry someone will do the same for them.

Everyone have a unique path to find their success, if you cross their path, then you will lose your path to the success of yours.

Post Inspired By :Envy


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