Shelf Vs Brain


I will compare a shelf to a human brain

A Shelf – That can carry anything, As like your brain.

shelf -Put a thing close to hand, which can be easily taken. and keep things back to the corner of the shelf which are rarely on a use

brain – same like put the things in your mind which are necessary for your life.

shelf – it can classify things which are necessary for you in daily use.

like book, cosmetics, papers, ornaments, bits of papers, devotional statues, chains, watches, pen, etc…

But you have to arrange your shelves to identify things easily.

Just like that, a brain can hold a lot of things, but we have to arrange and classify our thoughts and memories. so that we can fetch them easily.

But the bad thing we all doing is, when we are lazy we used to throw things to the shelf which are in our hand.

it causes the thing to lose, or it will make some kind of damage to the thing which we threw to the shelf.

same like that if we throw a lot of worries, into our mind, it will cause our mind to get damage on its functionality.

so keep clean your mind, same as you keep clean your shelves.

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