Help someone – Clean your Dirty mind


Helping someone will make you strongly feel you happy

There is an essence in every drop of your blood.If a drop of your blood falls down, let it happen for others

don’t think about your position. just Lift someone, then sure you will rise.

God will not come and save people, instead, he created all of us for helping each other.

If you find someone is poor, you should help at least what you can do for them.

but before helping be careful, there are a lot of people, who will pray for you for a help, but when they got it, they may forget you.

So before doing help, be careful of help, and do help to the people who really in need for the help, don’t help for all the people. then you may lose your respect.

As long as you live to give your hand to someone.God give 2 hands for you, use those hands to help someone.

if you have everything you can give something, if you have nothing you can give everything.

Helping hands are better than praying lips – Mother theresa

Post inspired by: Dirty


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