You can’t find a person without a friend, friendship will not classify the friends based on their characters , and friendship will not segment friends based on their financial state or physical appearance.

Another name of happiness is called a friend.

never let your friend in lonely,

you should fell shy if your friend is cried in front of you, even though if you are with him/her. a true friend will make you happy even if he/she in sad.

god gives a lot of gift to us in every day of our life, but a gift from god without his/her knowledge is called that a friend.

friendship it is a feel, it is kind of soul of your life.

If you do mistakes A good friend will get anger ,

If you achieve something your true friend will not expose the feeling that how much he/she is happy about you but inside sure he will do it.

whatever happens , the friendship will never fail, they will get together,

Strong friendship doesn’t need daily conversation, doesn’t need always togetherness, As long as the relationship lives true friends will never part.

After a big fight with your friends ,

if you think you lost your friendship with them, you are a great fool , yes friends will show their love when you are in trouble, but not in happiness,

if you are in trouble , you have a great gift called the friend, share your feel with them.

they may troll you, they may tease you , they may fight with you, cheat you , they may hurt you, but they never hate you,

no relationship is greater than a friend.

you can’t find such kind of bond with any relationship.

trust your friend,
A true friend will not avoid you when he/she heard bad about you from others.
but he will show his/her anger .

A friend will not expect apologize from you , or thankfulness from you, but all he need is just you,

there is no good friend or the bad friend, all are have some negatives, and some positives, understand them, but not classify them, everyone has a unique character learn it and make it with love.
Post Inspired by :Friend


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