Star on my window


Sara Blakely (2)

I reach home late at night, I was very tired, and i was dumped with full of stress,

and didn’t eat, all I need is just want to go to bed, and sleep. a peaceful sleep.

turned off the lights and fell down, and can’t able to sleep,

My mind is automatically thinking about the things that happened on that whole day, and it was an unsuccessful day for me. still I was so tensed.

and accidently I just look at my window, there was something smiling at me, it was so tiny and bright. and it was very far away from me.

Yes, I hope you guessed,

A star, a single star in a dark sky, and it was so so tiny, and I keep staring at the star, I feel like I was a child, and when i saw it one thing came to my mind, that was a bedtime story which was told to me by my mom when I was child,

now my mom is not with me, she was passed away before some years.

And i was thought about those peaceful and happier days, sufferings, caring, that was given to me from my mom, still I remember those beautiful days. I was cried when she left me, but now i learn to live. but when the star is twinkling at me, i feel that it was my mom, and i feel , it saying that , “sleep, my son, i am with you always, if you feel bad, just keep look on this window, i will come, and make you feel better”.. i was smiling inside my heart. and i love to watch that star, and enjoyed the beauty of the star. i don’t know how much time i was spent with that kind of feel at midnight. but i am sure it was more than an hour. and in the midnight, i hear a song, which is coming very far away, and i am not sure where it was coming from, but it sounds sweet, the star and the song made my night peaceful. i forgot my stress, and all the things and i slept in that lap of the midnight.

sometimes, very small things can make us feel good, so don’t ignore the small things, keep looking on that, small things will give you an ocean of happiness.. love everything which makes you feel better, this world is created with lots and lots of unbelievable things, enjoy and make it yours.

Post Inspired by : Window


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