Believe yourself



There was a boy ,

he was accidently missed in a deep dark forest.

he survived there more than two days, without eat. He can’t able to contact people outside.
But the one thing which gives him a hope is, that he have a direction indicator on his pocket.

he finds a direction to reach the main city, and he started to walk on the north side of the forest.

After reaching a particular place, there was lot of mud, and there was a quicksand, in front of him , someway he found that it was a quicksand,

now he just planned, how to cross over it , he walks on the side, but he didn’t find any way to cross it because it was fully surrounded with broken and cut trees.

So it was near evening, but still the sun gives him hope and protects him with its rays, but the boy nerve his self, and he tries to throw away the trees away , to make up a way for him to go further. he was fully involved in that job, still little more bit he should put himself to make up a way . and finally, he succeed that and made a path .

But somehow he feels that there is a monster behind him , he slowly turned his head , he shocked, yes it was a bear. he didn’t know what to do know, it starring at him, and it also have its a couple of cub’s with it.

he didn’t move the little bit, he carefully watched that bear’s activities, whether it is going to attack him or not.. and finally the big bear turned its head, and it notice that something is moving near the left side of it, now it started to go in that direction. but the problem is after a moment one of a cute cub came to his foot, the mother bear was forgotten to notice that.

the cub came to him initially it start to lick his foot , he didn’t move a little bit. after that it lightly bite his right toe, and he bared that pain, and then it bites him hard, then he just kicked it off, the cub was thrown up to 3 feets before him , the mother bear watched it, and ran towards him with and it is jumped to attacked on his face, but quickly that boy was down himself to the land . the bear was fallen into the quicksand. the bear pushed itself to reach the land,

that boy quickly decides to move out of there, and he hurry up himself and ran before the bear gets into the land again.

He is now alive, and started to go on his way, all these things happen because of he nerve his self, whatever happens.

it does not matter whatever the situation is you should nerve yourself.


Post inspired by :Nerve


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