Help Someone


Never worry about numbers. Help one person at a time and always start with the peson nearest you

Mother teresa

A help is not a planned one, it is an action which should happen accidently, but also from the heart.

help it is not a word , if we want to prove that we are human with kindness , we should help someone, In This world nothing is permanent for you, all you need to do is share something to someone who are in need .

A thing which we have the excess with us will make someone happy, find them, and share it with them.

By birth we are all sinners, reduce your amount of sins by helping others, because god will not come , but he will come in the name of them called poor.

You shouldn’t help people for publicity ,or for your personal , but.

you should love the poor people, then automatically you will start to share some offerings to them.

Help is not at all about by financial, it can be either by guiding,or etc.. kind heart person will always look for a time, and reason to help someone.

Don’t search for the answers to these question ,Why to help?
How to help ? What to help ? Whom to help ? When to hep ? ,

But wait for the time to help, and get the answers for those question after when you did it.

A help will make your heart to be full filled with peaceful, the joy of helping to someone will give more happiness than the joy of receiving a lovable gift from your beloved one.

In every corner of this world, there are millions of people living without their basic needs, here i am not saying that go to every corner of this world and start doing help, but
What I’m trying to say is ,as said by the Mother Teresa start helping someone near you who is in need.

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