Celebrities On fearless


Being big is not strong, being fearless is the actual strong


Fear comes from uncerainity. we can eliminate the fear when we know ourselves better.

Bruce lee


Fear is not real it is a product of thought you create, danger is very real, but fear is a choice

will smtih

The -Rock

Those who are truly brave , shall never live in fear

Dwayne Johnson

A fear is like a virus , that will kill, courage with hope make you a hero.

Don’t afraid of the things which you are not able to do. time may change, so  we can make  success on thing in which we were feared.

You can say i am fearless, but your eyes will show it that whether you are feared or not, so never let your eyes to look on the negative side.

We are born to win ,If One can’t try, then couldn’t succeed or even learn.

  • Always think positive
  • Trust yourself
  • Avoid inferiority complex
  • Don’t always be depressed
  • Identify the things which make you to fear and overcome them.
  • Group with peoples who are always happy
  • Make relationship with people who are earlier than you
  • Always test yourself

To Avoid fear we have to follow the above , till there are lot of things to do.. find it in yourself, no one can learn yourself more than you.

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