The Edge of the sinners



We are the human sinners by birth, there was a spirit which came from the heaven .

All people avoided him,hated him , but he never gives up .. he served for his people and try to save them from all their sins.
after that people are started to listen to him, when they come to know he is real, and trusted him.

He did a lot to the people, some people thoughts him he is a saint, some thoughts he is evil, some people thoughts he is god, some thoughts he was a demon .. but he didn’t care about the people who were against him, but he always considered everyone , and solved their troubles.

And then the time has come, he was caught , he was suffered for us , his skin’s were peeled, his blood was run over his body, he was broken, tarred.

And he knows this is the edge for the sinners , so he tried to heal all of them, so he give his soul, blood and life for us, and gone to the heaven, and clean us with his blood.

people who believed him were cried, thought he wouldn’t come back again..

but the miracle is he risen again on the third day and proved that he is the son of the god named Jesus.

Let us celebrate this easter with lot’s of happiness. find the renewal of hope, health and love and the spirit of the god.

Happy Easter!!!


Post inspired by : Edge


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