Refresh on your work


Rest when you’re weary, Refresh and renew yourself ,your body, your mind , your spirit. Then get back to work

Ralph Marston

Marketing is not only making of people , it is also about developing your personality,

Sometimes people fall in their work eventually, but they forget their physical abilities, because of work pressure

People should work to make their career, but people should take care of their selves to survive.

Successful people will relax on their works.

don’t confuse yourself on this, A human body will not support all the times, people should make refresh on their work, if you feel something ill, go for a walk, listen to music, or be calm, take a minute of sleep, then you will refuel yourself .

Why refresh :

A human is not a machine, if you want that all your organs should be work properly then you should refresh, refreshing yourself, will refresh the mind heart, mind all the physics

When we got the energy again we can shoot our work , again as faster than before .

How to refresh yourself:

Take a nap

Surf your interested websites

Watch interesting videos

Make fun with your co-workers

Take a quiet walk alone

Listen to music

Draw something,

Turn off your mobiles, and computer for some minutes and be calm

Look your old photos,

call your friend,

Learn something new,

Or involve your self on taking photos,

According to a survey was taken on Australia , which came from the result of 10,600 aged 18 adults.

The result says 17.7% of the people were suffered are seems to be depressed.

there are a lot of people suffer from mental disability, and always seem to be depressed, why ? because they forget how to relax their selves,

A disability on your mental health will result in your physical health.

And that will result from your daily life, and also which will effect your lifestyle, and will make a huge disaster in your career.

Try to refresh your mind Whenever you’re in work pressure

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