Important steps on mobile advertising


1 .Simplified Design and Text

Consumers or readers always looking for short and sweet content , sometimes the brief explanation will not work out, and specially in mobile marketing, it doesn’t worth at all. it may distract the reader, When speaking of mobile, simplicity is the best approach in both graphic design and text. And do not exaggerate what are you are trying to say, be honest on what you are describing, and concentrate on wording fonts of the content.

2. Responsive Design

The Development in Internet connectivity results to the corresponding increment in cross-screen browsing on a variety of devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops. which means your advertising must responsive to the variety of mobile device with narrows screen, and should support to the UI of the devices

3. Advertise with mobile Applications

now a days there billion of users who are having smartphones, and there billion of applications that are regularly in use of smartphone, so that is the better way to reach the huge number of people, so if you want to advertise choose a mobile an app which is popular , and try to do mobile app advertisement

4. Social Media interconnectivity

Mobile device are supporting the web, and also have the capability to connect with social medias with the inbuilt or downloaded social media applications, so lot of people using facebook , twitter , Instagram , LinkedIn and etc in their smartphones, instead of surfing through browser , so it is a chance for gathering lot collection of people in social medias , try to connect with social media, and do advertising on mobile applications that will provide better result on advertising

5. Targeting consumers or locating people to advertise

Plan before advertising where you want to display, and whom you want to see your advertisement. that is called targeting or locating people this is taking up the advertisement to a new level of achieving people’s drastically, based on the needs and interest ,and the web search we can point a group of people who should eligible to see the advertisement, an advertisement couldn’t be a promotional, that should give the promise to the viewers that they are problems can solve by reading and experimenting the advertisement

All in all, to guarantee maximum impact and effectiveness, mobile ads must be short, helpful, engaging, and both topically and geographically relevant.

Post inspired by : Handwriting


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