Marketing problems

Marketing issues

High competition :
It is very hard to survive in a crowded marketplace. .But the best idea for this problem doesn’t start with expensive advertising and more exposure. Find which is your best part of your product and get a knowledge of how it is different from other products, Developing your competitive edge needs to become a priority and always compete with strong competitors , A common mistake is believing that your business can’t really be any different. Every small business can be different and even unique. Learn about your audience and how it is different from other

Poor results from advertising :
Poor results on marketing is a common problem that every organization facing . if the promotional material that you created is not reached to the level of estimation, it is because of the reason that you created something is appeals to you, rather than your target market. The truth is, there can be a vast difference between what you like and what your customers find appealing. Effective advertising is understanding the target audience, and their problem, and how you going to solve with your products.

No plan on Marketing: 
if you are doing a small business, the best way to start is to start with a simple plan. A simple plan will work . It will also make it easier for you to be consistent. The general common reason that people avoided creating plan is we don’t have time to create a plan.The time you spend planning your marketing will reduce the time you waste doing tasks which are not helping you achieve your marketing goals

Expecting immediate results:
Some marketing tactics take far longer than others to bring in results. Small businesses frequently use long term tactics without being aware they’re long term. They don’t see much in the way of early results and abandon their efforts. so whatever to make it simple , A good current example is social media; lot of small businesses get a presence on facebook, . This is also happens with lot of small business blogs. It takes the time to build an audience and to build trust. Social medias are great tools but don’t expect immediate results.

Spending money on ads without knowing if they are working :
Some times we are doing the wrong calculation on our execution
for example, if you printing and publishing an advertisement in a small pamphlet and business ‘seems’ to pick up over the same period. then You decide the advertisement is a success and keep running it with large quantity. but in real the actual, the pickup May be coming from some other factor and your continued investment in useless promotion .if you change any modification in the advertisement the business slows down again and you’re not sure why. To avoid this , define what a good return before and then after advertising your business. Then track the results cane from your advertising.


Reference taken from :Resultseasy

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