faraway – you can’t come back



Clouds may touch me sometimes,

Sometimes it hurts me when the wind touches me,

Sometimes  i am feeling like lightning stroke on my heart,

I know there will be break will come between us,

but I won’t stop carrying you,

I am burning on your thoughts,

but I won’t lose my temper,

no one touches my heart like you,

I buried my broken piece of my heart inside you,

I blabbering in lonely,

And I can write my sleepless nights into tearful quotes,

Scientist searches for souls in Mars ,

But they don’ know my soul lies on you,

People at heaven may hear my heart beat,

But why you close the  door of heart,

I can live for 100 years if you pronounce my name.

If someone asks me who are true loves, I can say it’s you and me,

Wherever you are live with peace, and live long.

Post inspired by:Faraway







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