Grand cordone on Selling


SELL OR BE SOLD – Get your way in business and in life

Grand cardone


Selling thoughts:

We are selling dreams, we are merchant of happiness,

It is about listening first , then selling.

Great product sell themselves.

Everyone lives by selling something.

Sales is all about creating a meaningfull relationship, that can be the foundation of lasting business relationship.

Sell the problem you solve , not the product

Sell yourself first, if you want to sell anything.

Sooner or later ,we sell out for money.

Great design is the cheapest way of selling great  goods

Go against the tide, and sell a product that no one else is selling.

If you are not take care of your customer , your competitor will do.

Don’t be afraid of rejection in sales.

People don’t buy for logical reasons,  they buy for emotional reasons

Positive people produce , negative people consume.

When you feel like quiting, think about why you started.

You only fail when you stop trying.


Good luck and happy selling!


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