The 20th floor : Scariest


Linda’s scariest experiences: Episode 2  , (see first Episode : The Horror Night)

After a long while, i met Linda , we speak a lot , again she shared an experience , but it was something interesting and horrible to me.

Here is that

Linda say’s:

“I remember that It was a rainy day,

It was happened near the end of 2007 , we came to this apartments at middle of 2007

yeah , we means , me and smith ,smith is the very nice person, we loved a lot , and we married at the end of 2006.

Hope you remember that my mom and my brother Martin . now they are living in san Francisco , they are good now. but for some kind of issues we leave out of them ,.. and we came here ,

That day smith went to his office very early in the morning, I said don’t go , it was raining out there, he said “i have a meeting with my boss, you please take care of your health, don’t go away”.

i was suffering from fever , and i were feeling lonely in my home,

after that i just sleep, and i wake up at 3 pm..  when i woke up .. i feel something bad in my home, and i saw there was a shadow near the door of the kitchen, it was dark … and can’t able to see what it was actually.. and i was afraid of looking there ..

after some time… i heard sounds of footsteps, i follow the sound.. it was very very loud , and makes me more afraid.. then i guessed that the footsteps walked over our kitchen, and it goes to towards the front door … again it is going towards to the kitchen door.. these two doors are placed opposite to each other, its like near 20 feats so long between those doors,

Then i understand , that something is cross walking inside our home,, when i think over it , within a second the front door was open and closed , then i look outside  through my window. no one is there, but still i hear that sound.. so i try to go behind it .. to know what it is actually.. and i open the door, it was chill outside, still the rain is fallen, but i watched that sound it goes towards the upstairs and walk along the steps.

I follow it up to 20 the floor and i reached the open stairs then the sound has stopped , i was so confused .. and return quickly to my home(Note : Here they are living at ground floor). .. and then i asked the people about the incident then they say , few months before there was a suicide happen, it was a depressed man, because of their family problem ,,

but still we are living here, i still hearing that sound once in a month, sometimes it may happen 2 or 3 times.

And i still didn’t told this to smith, as you know i always like scary things.
I am not fearing about this right now. but one thing i understand is depressed souls are always alive , even after their death. “

It was something interesting to talk with her. she is such a brave full woman.

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