5 Initiative Steps – Internet Marketing


1  . Website optimization

Website optimization is the most important one in internet marketing,  and that will result on your website traffic.

The process of optimization is nothing but , you are making your website or business to be list on top searches of search engines. so optimization of website will make a huge impact on your sales and marketing .

Most important thing is place better keywords within your content, and should place the key words in better places, try to insert the keywords title, subtitle.


2. Update website frequently:

Update your website with newer content , Newer content based on the consumer interest will result to get drive more traffic to your website organically. Add new features,interesting updates blogs to your website, update content will make your website something refreshed and new . content marketing will help on internet marketing to get more customers!. And always keep monitoring your website whether all the features are working properly, and don’t copy of any content from any other  websites. update the contact details and about section immediately if there is any other changes has happened on the given details


3. Use Email Marketing campaigns: 

Sending frequent email to the  customers will surely make a impact on your website traffic and make a gradual growth on your business,  don’t neglect your prospects , leads ,or your customers in any kind of situation, keep in touch with customers through mails, send details about updates, and new offers, exclusive offer, to your customers, always make happy your customer.  The important thing we have to noted on email marketing  is subject line, and content of the mail you need to sent.


4. Social Media Marketing

Now a days social media become one of the most important tool on online marketing, and make  a huge results , update your business profile with correct details , and make more number of followers , and think about how to get more than 1000 likes , and follows in Facebook, twitter, Pinterest, and keep always engaged with google +.

Keep always engaged with social medias, educate people with your posts, and promote your products, involve in Facebook groups, and twitter lists, follow enterpreneurs and top people , tag your posts, and make your profile professional


5.  Monitoring the Results


Monitoring is To measure What type of tactics and Methods will  improve your business ,Try promotion on social media for a period of time, and measure the results, then try promotion with blogs and measure the results, then learn how to integrate those prospects in to your business, and get  some ideas for how to convert those prospects in to your leads, do lead research, and conclude an idea which makes much traffic on website, and  keep the idea for  a while.


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Colorful Aspects of India

Holi festival

Life is color ful , we have to realize that, God gives us the eyes to identify the colors, And every color will send  some signal to the mind.  colors are always important in our life.

If we are not able to identify colors then we will  be called as color blind, for example mark zukerberg is a color-blind person, he has a red- green color blindnes, and can identify blue color only.

Here this page is going to represent the colorful aspects of indians , specially in dance.

In india there are lot of classical , and folks dance, and in every state they have a different style of dances, with different costumes, this is something interesting, here  i just want to show some major colorful dances,and some other festival aspects that makes colorful environement.



Holi the Carnival of colors – Represent life is colorful

One of the major festivals of India, Holi is celebrated  on the full moon day in the month of  of March as per the Gregorian calendar. This popular in north india

Colorful dances from india:

There are lot of dances in india with different style in both classical and folk , i have provide a mixture of classical and folks collection of dances


Bharatnatyam – The popluar clasical dance from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka

This dance have a unique style and poses which will reperesent the every  feeling and instinct of humans

Holi - The fesival of colors

Gair -Gair dance is one of the popular, famous folk dances from Rajasthan in India


Bhavai is a genre of folk dance popular in Rajasthan state in western India. The male or female performers balance a number of earthen pots or brass pitchers


Kathak dance is one of the classical dance forms of India. The Kathak dance form is said to be derived from the word Katha.


Dandiya – Dandiya Raas is the traditional folk dance form of Gujarat, , and is associated with scenes of Holi, .  it is the featured dance of Navratri evenings in Western India.


Lavani is a combination of traditional song and dance, which particularly performed to the beats of  Dholki, a percussion instrument. Its  is noted for its powerful rhythm


Odissi, also known as Orissi, is one of the eight classical dance forms of India. It originates from the state of Odisha. It is the oldest surviving dance form of India on the basis of archaeological evidences


Manipuri dance is one of the major Indian classical dance forms, from Manipur, a state in north-eastern India on the border with Burma. It is is purely religious and its aim is a spiritual experience


Sattriya or Sattriya Nritya , is one among the eight principal Classical indian dance  traditions. Recognized in 2000 as a classical dance by Sangeet natak academi

The core of Sattriya Nritya has usually been Mythological stories. This was an artistic way of presenting mythological teachings to the people in an accessible, immediate, and enjoyable manner


Kuchipudi s an Indian classical danceoriginating in Krishna district of Andhra Pradesh, India, but popular all over South India

The performance usually begins with stage rites. Then, each of the characters comes on the stage and introduces themselves with adharavu (a small composition of both song and dance.


Kathakali -Originate from kerala  is a stylized classical Indian dance-drama noted for the attractive make-up of characters, elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body movements presented in tune with the anchor playback music and complementary percussion.


Mohiniyattam – is a classical dance from kerala ,Believed to have originated in 16th century  one of the eight indian classical dance , It is considered a very graceful form of dance meant to be performed as solo recitals by women


Jallikattu – also known Eruthazhuvuthal or Manju viraṭṭu , is a bull’s game day event happening in Tamil NAdu as a part of Pongal celebrations on Maattu pongal day.

Bulls are bred specifically by some private rich persons of the village for the event and attended mainly by many villages’ temple bulls

Have a colorful Day !

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Refresh on your work


Rest when you’re weary, Refresh and renew yourself ,your body, your mind , your spirit. Then get back to work

Ralph Marston

Marketing is not only making of people , it is also about developing your personality,

Sometimes people fall in their work eventually, but they forget their physical abilities, because of work pressure

People should work to make their career, but people should take care of their selves to survive.

Successful people will relax on their works.

don’t confuse yourself on this, A human body will not support all the times, people should make refresh on their work, if you feel something ill, go for a walk, listen to music, or be calm, take a minute of sleep, then you will refuel yourself .

Why refresh :

A human is not a machine, if you want that all your organs should be work properly then you should refresh, refreshing yourself, will refresh the mind heart, mind all the physics

When we got the energy again we can shoot our work , again as faster than before .

How to refresh yourself:

Take a nap

Surf your interested websites

Watch interesting videos

Make fun with your co-workers

Take a quiet walk alone

Listen to music

Draw something,

Turn off your mobiles, and computer for some minutes and be calm

Look your old photos,

call your friend,

Learn something new,

Or involve your self on taking photos,

According to a survey was taken on Australia , which came from the result of 10,600 aged 18 adults.

The result says 17.7% of the people were suffered are seems to be depressed.

there are a lot of people suffer from mental disability, and always seem to be depressed, why ? because they forget how to relax their selves,

A disability on your mental health will result in your physical health.

And that will result from your daily life, and also which will effect your lifestyle, and will make a huge disaster in your career.

Try to refresh your mind Whenever you’re in work pressure

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Conceal your ideas- Expose the marketing

Celebrities (1)

Marketing is a race  Without a finishing line

Philip Kotler

Marketing is not a job, it is kind of racing without a finishing line as said by the Philip Kotler .

Marketing people should not get tired on gathering people, they should run along with the prospects.

And Make them as a leads, the more you get coins or points in a game, the more you will achieve a new score.. that shouldn’t be an end of the game, we should try to the next level to achieve more high score

Marketing is also like that a game , the more you get your prospects , you will reach the higher positions.

Applying interest on marketing is shouldn’t be a duty, it should be also the interest.

As said by Philip Kotler , we should consider marketing as a race, but we shouldn’t run or ride all over the direction. we should move on one direction , and we shouldn’t change it.

Your ultimate aim should be gathering as many points in your game that is gathering as many prospects.

Don’t search customers for your products , create products for your customers.

Emails, printed marketing ,website advertising, social medias ,and mobile marketing,  are the magnetic tools that you should always keep with you , and attract the prospects while you are running in a direction. keep the tools with you, and they will come and sit on your shoulders.


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The Edge of the sinners



We are the human sinners by birth, there was a spirit which came from the heaven .

All people avoided him,hated him , but he never gives up .. he served for his people and try to save them from all their sins.
after that people are started to listen to him, when they come to know he is real, and trusted him.

He did a lot to the people, some people thoughts him he is a saint, some thoughts he is evil, some people thoughts he is god, some thoughts he was a demon .. but he didn’t care about the people who were against him, but he always considered everyone , and solved their troubles.

And then the time has come, he was caught , he was suffered for us , his skin’s were peeled, his blood was run over his body, he was broken, tarred.

And he knows this is the edge for the sinners , so he tried to heal all of them, so he give his soul, blood and life for us, and gone to the heaven, and clean us with his blood.

people who believed him were cried, thought he wouldn’t come back again..

but the miracle is he risen again on the third day and proved that he is the son of the god named Jesus.

Let us celebrate this easter with lot’s of happiness. find the renewal of hope, health and love and the spirit of the god.

Happy Easter!!!


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The 20th floor : Scariest


Linda’s scariest experiences: Episode 2  , (see first Episode : The Horror Night)

After a long while, i met Linda , we speak a lot , again she shared an experience , but it was something interesting and horrible to me.

Here is that

Linda say’s:

“I remember that It was a rainy day,

It was happened near the end of 2007 , we came to this apartments at middle of 2007

yeah , we means , me and smith ,smith is the very nice person, we loved a lot , and we married at the end of 2006.

Hope you remember that my mom and my brother Martin . now they are living in san Francisco , they are good now. but for some kind of issues we leave out of them ,.. and we came here ,

That day smith went to his office very early in the morning, I said don’t go , it was raining out there, he said “i have a meeting with my boss, you please take care of your health, don’t go away”.

i was suffering from fever , and i were feeling lonely in my home,

after that i just sleep, and i wake up at 3 pm..  when i woke up .. i feel something bad in my home, and i saw there was a shadow near the door of the kitchen, it was dark … and can’t able to see what it was actually.. and i was afraid of looking there ..

after some time… i heard sounds of footsteps, i follow the sound.. it was very very loud , and makes me more afraid.. then i guessed that the footsteps walked over our kitchen, and it goes to towards the front door … again it is going towards to the kitchen door.. these two doors are placed opposite to each other, its like near 20 feats so long between those doors,

Then i understand , that something is cross walking inside our home,, when i think over it , within a second the front door was open and closed , then i look outside  through my window. no one is there, but still i hear that sound.. so i try to go behind it .. to know what it is actually.. and i open the door, it was chill outside, still the rain is fallen, but i watched that sound it goes towards the upstairs and walk along the steps.

I follow it up to 20 the floor and i reached the open stairs then the sound has stopped , i was so confused .. and return quickly to my home(Note : Here they are living at ground floor). .. and then i asked the people about the incident then they say , few months before there was a suicide happen, it was a depressed man, because of their family problem ,,

but still we are living here, i still hearing that sound once in a month, sometimes it may happen 2 or 3 times.

And i still didn’t told this to smith, as you know i always like scary things.
I am not fearing about this right now. but one thing i understand is depressed souls are always alive , even after their death. “

It was something interesting to talk with her. she is such a brave full woman.

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Celebrities On fearless


Being big is not strong, being fearless is the actual strong


Fear comes from uncerainity. we can eliminate the fear when we know ourselves better.

Bruce lee


Fear is not real it is a product of thought you create, danger is very real, but fear is a choice

will smtih

The -Rock

Those who are truly brave , shall never live in fear

Dwayne Johnson

A fear is like a virus , that will kill, courage with hope make you a hero.

Don’t afraid of the things which you are not able to do. time may change, so  we can make  success on thing in which we were feared.

You can say i am fearless, but your eyes will show it that whether you are feared or not, so never let your eyes to look on the negative side.

We are born to win ,If One can’t try, then couldn’t succeed or even learn.

  • Always think positive
  • Trust yourself
  • Avoid inferiority complex
  • Don’t always be depressed
  • Identify the things which make you to fear and overcome them.
  • Group with peoples who are always happy
  • Make relationship with people who are earlier than you
  • Always test yourself

To Avoid fear we have to follow the above , till there are lot of things to do.. find it in yourself, no one can learn yourself more than you.

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